Welingkar Institute was ranked 82nd amongst business schools and aspired to be in the Top 20. There was no dearth of renowned educational institutes in India. The task was two-fold. The first task was to increase the number of MBA applicants. The second task was to position Welingkar as a preferred brand among corporates for placements.


The environment though cluttered had one positive. None of the B-school had attempted to create any brand communication. Most advertising in the domain was very tactical and admissions-focused. When we advised Welingkar to embark on the route of Brand Communication, we knew that the effort was sure to stand out. We knew that we couldn't claim, that we were the best B-school. But, it was also true that the brand was trying hard with a series of initiatives. Hence, though we were not the best, we could show rapid change for the better. The agency chalked out the entire campaign by presenting 'Welingkar' as the fastest transforming B-School. This was pushed through PR and advertising, to lend credibility. The positioning was bold, straightforward and very honest. The brand campaign was followed by tactical ads announcing the various changes that Welingkar was making to improve the quality of education. The messaging was received well, since it was backed by facts.

Along with mainline advertising, the agency undertook an identity change exercise and guided ground level sales strategy. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with the Welingkar Sales team, the agency fine-tuned and sharpened the sales strategy.


The campaign proved effective and resulted in a 4-time jump in sale of admission forms for their MBA programs. Soon, Welingkar jumped up to the 16th spot in the coveted list of B-schools. Over the years, the agency launched over 12 post-graduate and graduate programs. This made Welingkar one of the most respected brands amongst students and corporates.