Skoda was going to introduce its new MUV - the Skoda Yeti. Skoda was confident of the product and hence felt that the product did not need an extensive Above-The-Line (ATL) campaign. If the product was introduced to the elite off-roader, the product quality would make the word-of-mouth take off. Hence it came up with a 360 strategy based on an activation idea to expose a test drive to hand-picked influencers and amplify their experiences through digital and mainline media.

Think WhyNot was brought in to put in place the activation and partner the content production.


16 participants were selected through an ATL / Digital campaign as influencers to test drive the Skoda Yeti. These were divided into 5 wildlife national parks of India with 3 participants being allocated to every park. They were to be accompanied by a wildlife photographer, National Geographic crew and an automobile expert.


The task was to create an experience for each of these participants enabling them to get an experience of wildlife, the terrain and the vehicle besides helping the Nat Geo team to produce content for television.

Getting permissions for a commercial campaign in any of India's wildlife national parks is always a tough task. We not only managed getting permissions, but also rope in experienced naturalists and one of India's finest wildlife photographers. We managed the logistics, created captivating content within 2 days and delivered it to the National Geographic team

Think WhyNot's team worked with the photographer to capture captivating images of the vehicle and wildlife. We also worked with the client's PR team to create relevant stories and ensure greatest PR in the respective cities.

Exciting content and gorgeous photos captured by us transpired into a rich wildlife calendar. Also, the Skoda Yeti experience was there for all to see on NGC's enthralling vignettes.

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The idea of an activation-led guerilla marketing campaign worked. This reflected robust bookings of the Skoda Yeti. The expedition stayed in the limelight long after its completion as the campaign won the NDTV award for integrated communications and the Goafest award for the same category. Social media went abuzz with the news and the brand won its identity as a car for those 'driven' by passion and fascination for the outdoors.