Kohinoor Square


When Kohinoor Square, as a project was first conceived, it was a mixed use development project, comprising a commercial tower, residential tower, luxury retail and a boutique 7-star hotel. The commercial tower was the tallest commercial tower in India. It had 40,000 sq. ft. of luxury retail, large residences and a tie-up with the GHM group for the boutique 7 star hotel. As a project, it was classified as ultra-luxury and hence needed a strategy that would hand-pick the right audience for it.


Since the whole offering was supposed to be ultra-luxury, our idea was to give the communication and the media choices the exclusivity it deserved. In other words, we decided to avoid mass media and follow the route of whisper marketing.


The exercise began with defining the identity of the project. When the project started, the two towers would be seen as the most prominent twin towers from the Arabian Sea. This became the inspiration to craft an exquisite identity for the project.

The project stood on an erstwhile textile mill. Hence, the idea of creating a textile Art Restoration Centre in collaboration with the Prince of Wales Museum was born. While this idea was put for a later exploration, we resorted to art to create the collaterals as well. We got in touch with renowned artists and commissioned them to create their interpretation of this project through abstract art. Each artist created his own expression of Kohinoor Square taking inspiration from its sheer height, the sea-views and the scale of the project. These paintings apart from being displayed in the lobby of the sales office also became the covers of the project brochures. Hence, everyone, who carried a brochure, carried back a painting from a celebrated artist.

Besides, technology was used in a big way to create a completely different experience of the project. The tech ideas included:

Augmented reality for the brochures Microsoft surface tables for floor plans Elevator experience to simulate sight views from different floors Gesture-controlled display of the 3D model

Having created the communication, it was time to reach the right audience. Following our whisper marketing strategy, we avoided conventional Above-The-Line advertising and decided to reach our audiences through only targeted media and exclusively curated events.

The project was of such scale that it would not live up to standards, but set standards for luxury. To that extent, it would set trends in luxury. Hence, we decided to create a real estate luxury trend report which would be in line with the expectations of the UHNI (ultra-high net individuals) whilst introducing key features of the property. To build credibility, we roped in one of the top 5 audit firms and Forbes as a publishing partner. The role of Forbes was to help us shortlist the UHNI for the survey and finally reach the report to potential buyers. The trend report was structured and designed by us in collaboration with the research agency. This was finally released along with the Forbes Rich List issue and sent to 1000 CXOs, curated by them in a handcrafted box. On our recommendation the client also sponsored the Forbes India Leadership Awards (FILA). The CXOs invited for this event got a personal presentation from the client on the project.

We also recommended personalized lifestyle events for handpicked crowds at the project site. These events gave people a peek preview into the property.

This was followed by the launch campaign for the commercial tower positioning it as the tallest commercial tower in the country.


The above exercise generated a lot of buzz amongst HNIs and also elicited a lot of corporate interest. Apart from developing a very high stature for the brand, 50% of the commercial towers received bookings in the first 2 days of the launch campaign.