Happydemic is a talent management portal promoted by singer Shaan, his wife Radhika and a serial entrepreneur Amar Pandit. The portal promotes undiscovered talent for LIVE performances. While this market is corporate in nature, the idea was to find a retail market for the same. We needed a clutter-breaking campaign for a big bang launch and promote the concept to both artists as well as retail customers.


For starters, Think WhyNot was assigned the task of creating the brand identity for Happydemic along with the UI and UX for the portal as well as the App. The next task was the campaign for the launch of the platform. Our task was to attract both artists as well as customers. And when we say customers, our focus was on the retail customers. The concept of 'LIVE' is unknown to the retail segment when it comes to celebrations like birthdays, parties, anniversaries and weddings. Hence, making LIVE popular meant that we would have to create a trend for the same. Here is how we addressed this challenge.

The biggest asset that we had was Shaan as a celebrity face and his network of celebrity influencers. We decided to create a viral campaign in the digital space to maximize the influence of these celebrities. We froze on the positioning 'It's not a party if it's not LIVE' and created a special character inspired from the mnemonic of Happydemic. We called this character Mike. Mike would be a free-spirited character whose mission would be to make any celebrations livewire. We thereby created a teaser campaign to introduce Mike.

We created a personification for a Party and created ads depicting instances where we showed that the Party had died. Singer Shaan was featured in all these ads lamenting that the party could have been saved if Mike would have been around. These ads were placed on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. Shaan's face helped to gather traction for the campaign. Celebrity and influencer tweets and shares helped amplify the impact further. We then followed it up by revealing the identity of Mike and also the concept of Happydemic. The proposition of LIVE performances was then introduced along with the announcement of the big launch event.

The client had a brilliant idea for the big launch event. This was to be a 'LIVE entertainment' show by Shaan and his band in an open to sky double-decker bus at three prominent locations across Mumbai. A moving bus in a crowded city with a big celebrity performer would create a lot of buzz.

The event went as planned with huge crowds turning up at all 3 venues and a constant chatter of fans and celebrities on social media. Happydemic was successfully launched with great fanfare.


The campaign saw enthusiastic participation from schools across the country. The involvement of mentors got the brand good PR. We, then, created an intellectual property by publishing a hardbound book on social change.