Happy India


IndiaFirst Life Insurance was looking to expand its footprint and brand presence across India. They wanted to do this through a CSR activity. Among its various product lines, child insurance was one of its key products. They had identified schools to be the right platform for contact. Yet, with so many school activation programs being active, it needed an idea that was both credible and differentiated.


The agency came up with an idea that tapped the CSR route. The brand was already working on a platform of 'maximising happiness' as the key communication point. We came up with 'Happy India' - a 360 platform that kick- started social change through school activation. This ended up creating a powerful intellectual property. Here is how:

The activation spread across over 500 schools in 15 cities. We invited social innovation ideas from students of different age groups. They had to submit innovative solutions to existing social problems. Each innovative solution was to be evaluated along certain parameters of effectiveness, strength of innovation and ease of implementation. The best 100 ideas were shortlisted after the first round of activation. We didn't stop here; we got on board 10 industry stalwarts who would be mentors for these 100 ideas and who would guide them with the implementation. From these 100 projects, the top 10 were selected as winners. These 10 projects would then be given a grant to actually execute the solution as suggested.

Then we added the last leg to the campaign. We got on board a publisher to come out with a book on social change spearheaded by children. The book would cover the top 10 implemented solutions and an essay from each of these mentors on the specific social issues.


The campaign saw enthusiastic participation from schools across the country. The involvement of mentors got the brand good PR. We, then, created an intellectual property by publishing a hardbound book on social change.